The Patriot™ muzzleloader’s (Patent # 9115942)  stainless steel components are treated with Nitride (Melonite QPQ). This provides a matte black finish that is very appealing. The barrels are manufactured from 416 stainless. This material is subject to corrosion and pitting when powder residue and moisture remain on the barrrel. By treating the barrel with Nitride, corrosion and pitting are completely eliminated. The Nitride “Melonite QPQ” process is not a coating. Melonite is actually one of many names used for the salt bath nitride process. In this process the surfaces of the component is transformed into a really hard durable layer. The “skin” that is created penetrates down by about .002″. Since it is not a coating, but a conversion, the bore of the barrel can be treated without effecting the bore diameter. A majority of the parts in the Patriot are machined from 17-4 stainless steel. This grade of stainless has superior corrosion resistance. Bare 17-4 stainless is not effected by muzzleloader propellant residue, therefore some components are not treated.