I am frequently asked “what kind of accuracy will your muzzle loaders shoot”? There are lots of factors that play a role in how well it will shoot. Many customers shoot exactly what I recommend and they always tell me later on “I cant believe how accurate this is” or they where putting bullets through the same holes.

First off, it takes a quality, precision barrel. You will only find match grade barrels on our muzzleloaders. Another key part to accuracy is in the breech plug. The breech plug in the Patriot (Patent # 9115942) provides instant ignition. The breech plug works best with loose powder. The charge sits very close, about 1/8 of an inch from the primer. Pellets will put the charge further away, about 3/4 of an inch.

The Powder and bullets you choose play just as big of a role as the barrel. I made the switch to BlackHorn 209 powder as much as I hate changing something that works. That is now one of the key ingredients I use for accuracy. You wont find a more consistent black powder substitute. It burns so clean that shot after shot accuracy will not change, and no you don’t need to run patches between shots.

Last is the bullet, which is just as important as the other key ingredients. There are many bullets that will provide great accuracy. The key is that they maintain their shape when loaded. I have seen shooters load their gun and bounce the ramrod off the bullet until it bounces out of the barrel. Yes you want to seat the bullet against the powder but dont beat up your bullet. I prefer a bullet with a polymer tip. This ensures the bullet will retain perfect shape. We have customers shooting tight groups with the powerbelt bullets and Barnes Expanders that are solid copper. It definitely takes a little experimenting to get the perfect combination. One customer in particular is using 120 grains BH209, Barnes Expander 175 Gr, Harvest sabot and CCI 209 primers. He is shooting under 1″ groups at 100 yds. He also chronographed that load at 2550 FPS. We have great success with 100 grains BH209  and 195 Powerbelt, this is a great starting point for shooters who want some advice on where to start.

Lastly we make an accessory for aligning the bullet. This ensures a straight entry into the muzzle and keeps the bullet concentric with the barrel bore. I am a firm believer that the .45 caliber provides the best performance, it has a faster twist, is flatter shooting and more accurate.