We highly recommend Blackhorn 209 powder and Remington STS 209 primers in our Patriot rifles. A good starting point is typically 100 grains by volume. We offer several bullets that offer excellent performance on game as well as more accuracy. The best all around choice is the 225 grain star tip.


Answers To Your Muzzleloader Questions

Here at Woodman Arms we aim to answer all of your questions and concerns from barrel lengths to primers and our Patriot™accuracy. Browse our FAQ for the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer you’re looking for head over to our contact us page or call Tim Bolduc, Sales - (603) 608-7218 for immediate assistance. We look forward to answering all your questions so that you can get back to the game.

What type of primer does the Patriot™ use?

The Patriot™ uses standard 209 shotgun primers.

What is the barrel length?

The barrel length is 24 inches. We also offer a 28" cut rifled barrel (special order).

Is the barrel drilled and tapped for sights?

Yes, all muzzleloaders ship ready to accept all of our sight options.

What is the length of pull?

The length of pull is 13.75 inches.

What calibers do they come in?

The calibers are .45 and .50.

Is the breech plug removable?

Yes, the breech plug is easily removable with tools that are supplied.

Can I use pellets?

Yes, however, we recommend blackhorn 209 powder for best results. Blackhorn 209 is only availalbe in loose powder form.

Do you have composite stocks?

No, we only offer walnut and laminate stocks.

Can I get a custom barrel length?

We only make our standard production sizes. Most gunsmiths can shorten and recrown a barrel to your exact liking.

The buttstock is too long, can it be shortened?

Most gunsmiths can shorten a buttstock on a finished stock. We can shorten up to 1" during production runs only. Timing may vary. Cost is $50.

I have long arms, can you lengthen the buttstock?

Most gunsmiths can install a spacer in front of the recoil pad. We can add one 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or 1" spacer during production runs only. Timing may vary. Cost is $75.00

What do they weigh?

Generally, around 5.5 pounds with no sights.

Can I have it shipped to my house?

Yes in most cases, because the Patriot™ is black powder only it does not require form 4473.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty no matter who owns it. Abuse and neglect will not be covered.

Can I have a custom stock made?

In laminate, we can get additional colors. In walnut, we can get above standard grades. We will only add these in during our production runs.

Can you engrave it?

Yes, we can laser engrave the wood and metal of your muzzleloader. There is a fee.

What twist is the rifling?

1-18, 1-20 (special order), 1-24 are available on the .45 caliber. 1-28 on the .50 caliber.

Will it shoot a magnum charge?

Yes, but first be sure to read the owners manual for the rifle and powder.

Can I adjust the trigger?

No. The trigger has been set at 3.5 lbs and no take up.

How accurate at 100 yards is it?

There are many factors beyond our control but we do guarantee moa accuracy.

Does Woodman Arm's offer gunsmithing services?

Currently we do not. Our shop only has modern cnc equipment. The programming and setup for a single part is typically cost prohibitive.

How tight do I tighten scope and picatinny rail screws?

Scope mounts and picatinny mounting screws torque to 29 in/lbs, , removable loctite is acceptable. Scope cap screws torque to 17 in/lbs. No loctite required. Base and Mount screws require a T10, 6 lobe/Torx driver.
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