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Woodman Arms Patriot™ Muzzleloader





 Woodman Arms | Fremont, New Hampshire

Advanced breech loading technology, superior engineering combined with an exceptional design only a seasoned hunter-engineer could devise, the Woodman Patriot™ is the quintessential modern muzzleloading rifle.

The oldest firearm in use today is reborn with the new Patriot™ Muzzleloader Shotgun Rifle developed by Mark Woodman

For hundreds of years New England has served as the birthplace of most major advances in American rifle technology. The legacy began in 1794 when the Springfield Armory started manufacturing muskets for the young United States military. It is redefined today with development of the Patriot Muzzleloader by  Woodman Arms.


The Woodman Patriot™ features an interchangeable 24 inch McGowen 416 stainless steel barrel, coated with Melonite (QPQ) making corrosion concerns commonly associated with muzzleloaders a thing of the past.

The over-sized trigger guard and unique stock which is slender at the forearm and bulges dramatically  for the weaker hand provide added safety and stability.

Lighter in weight and maintenance compared to competitors including the Remington 700 and Thompson Center Triumph®, the Patriot™ Muzzleloader pushes rifle development forward while enhancing the experience hunters hope to find with a modern musket.

The unconventional Delrin shaft is exceedingly limber and protects the barrel and bore.  With no external hammer, silent ambidextrous cross-bolt type safety, owners can hunt with confidence their weapon won’t spook their game.

Woodman Arms guarantees the Patriot™ muzzleloader will exceed expectations with quality that will last for a lifetime.

The Walnut hardwood & weatherproof laminated stock are available in multiple styles.

The butt stock features a pistol grip that widens at the bottom with a comfortable convex curve at both ends. Ergonomically designed for comfort, efficiency and safety, the Patriot™ muzzleloader fires with inline accuracy at a trigger pull of 3.5 pounds.

Patriot Distributors

The Patriot™ Muzzleloader is exclusively available from Big Woods Bucks™  authorized retailers.


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