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Hunt With Woodman Arms Patriot™ Muzzleloaders – America’s Most Accurate Muzzleloader Rifle

The light weight and slim poise of the Patriot™ Muzzleloader is for hunters of all ages and aptitudes.  Enjoy the land, conserve the animals among us and the energy required for hunting with black powder rifles.

Hunt with the most accurate muzzleloader made today, the Patriot™ In-Line Break-Action Muzzleloader Rifle from Woodman Arms. 

Black Powder Muzzleloader Hunts | It’s what’s for dinner.

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 The food industry is a wild game.  Hunting sustenance in the Wild is a healthy, ancient alternative to store-bought varieties of meat.  

Patriot Distributors

The Patriot™ Muzzleloader is exclusively available from Big Woods Bucks™  authorized retailers.


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