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Patriot™ Muzzleloader v. CVA® Accura™ V2 Nitride

 Compare the U.S made Patriot™ Muzzleloader rifle versus the CVA ACCURA® V2 made in Bergara,  Spain.  Weight:  The  CVA ACCURA® V2 weighs over a pound heavier than the Patriot™ Muzzleloader out of the box. Caliber:  The Patriot™ Muzzleloader out-does muzzleloaders on...

Patriot™ Muzzleloader v. VORTEX StrikerFire® LDR

There is no comparison to the Patriot™ Muzzleloader rifle.  U.S. made  Patriot™  versus the Vortex Strikerfire® LDR made in Spain by Traditions firearms.  The two rifles are poles apart when it comes to engineering, design and long-term investment upon which a...

Patriot™ Muzzleloader vs Knight TK 2000

The Patriot™ Muzzleloader offers a lifetime of accuracy and durability versus the Knight TK 2000 muzzleloader. Weight:  The Patriot™ Muzzleloader  is a lightweight powerhouse, weighing about two pounds less than the Knight TK 2000. Caliber:  The Knight TK 2000 is a 12...

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The Patriot™ Muzzleloader is exclusively available from Big Woods Bucks™  authorized retailers.


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