Woodman Arms Patriot™ Muzzleloader

vs. Remington Model 700® LSS Ultimate

In a head-to-head product comparison, the Patriot™ Muzzleloader offers some major distinctions hunters look for in a rifle. 

Weight:  At less than 6 pounds out of the box, the Patriot™ Muzzleloader is an easy to carry slim line compared to the heavier Remington 700 LSS which weighs in at over 8.5 pounds.

Caliber:  The  Patriot™ Muzzleloader out-does most muzzleloaders with its interchangeable barrel available in both .40 & .50 caliber.  The Remington is only available in .50 caliber.  

Durability:  One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Patriot™  Muzzleloader rifle is its Melonite QPQ treated stainless steel barrel.  Treated with this trademarked Quench-Polish-Quench Nitride process, the Patriot™  Muzzleloader rifle becomes impervious to corrosion.  Compared to the stainless steel barrel from Remington, hunters can better protect their investment with the Patriot™  Muzzleloader rifle.

Maintenance:   Built to run and gun, regular cleaning is not necessary to keep the Patriot™  Muzzleloader rifle performing with accuracy and reliability.  The Remington Stainless Steel barrel requires regular cleaning after each shot to maintain accuracy and performance.  

Stock Style:  The Patriot™ muzzleloading rifle is available in five different hardwood laminated stocks.  The Remington 700 LSS  is available in a laminate wood or synthetic stock.  


Bigger vs Better

Woodman Arms is a small, specialized gun manufacturer that is focused and thorough in maintaining the highest standard of firearm engineering and production.

While Remington has been a part of American firearms manufacturing for over 200 years, as the largest producer of firearms in the U.S., it is a publicly traded corporation.

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