Elevate Your Hunt.

 Exceptional Quality.  Crafted in the U.S.  Meet the Patriot™ Muzzleloader Manufactured by Woodman Arms

Accurate. Dependable. Assured.

Heavy-hitting performance and lightweight design backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

Armed With Innovation

The Patriot™ inline muzzleloader features a patented break-open action, housed in 7075 aluminum, machined from a billet frame with unprecedented engineering.

MOA Accuracy

Consistency means accuracy and the Woodman Arms Patriot Muzzleloader is the most accurate muzzleloader on the market. Woodman Arms rifles are capable of one minute of angle accuracy (MOA) out of the box. 

Stainless QPQ Nitride Barrel

Nitriding changes the surface of the barrel yeilding an extremely smooth, uniform and wear-resistant bore. The Nitride bath covers all exposed surfaces, protecting the entire barrel against corrosion without changing any dimensions of the rifle.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Patriot™ is the only muzzleloader rifle backed by a

Forget Cleaning

17-4 Stainless Steel Breech Plug and tightly housed internal components ensure rusting, pitting and corrosion will not occur.  Forgetting to clean WILL NOT destroy your Woodman Arms Patriot Muzzleloader.

Truly Hammerless

The ONLY TRUE Hammerless Muzzleloader Rifle-Woodman Arms Patented hammerless action features a crossbolt safety. Simply push the silent ambidextrous safety and shoot.

Impervious Action

The Woodman Arms Patriot Muzzleloader action is completely sealed from the elements and water, protecting your investment for life. 

3.5 lb Crisp Trigger

The over-sized trigger guard and ergonomic stock provide added safety and stability.  A 3.5 lb. crisp trigger pull-weight is balanced and ensures accuracy and control.

Good Stocks

Real Walnut hardwood and rugged laminated stocks available in these styles:

Walnut Hardwood

Green Camo


Forest Green


Site Options

Choose from many site options:

Peep Sites

1 in. & 30mm Solid Base Scope Mounts

Picatinny Rail Site

How A Patriot™ Is Made - Muzzleloader Rifles

Patriot™ Muzzleloader Options, Images, Specifications and Information About The

World-class U.S. Crafted Muzzle Loading Rifles From Woodman Arms.

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About Woodman Arms

 Mark Woodman brings to bear a passion for black powder hunting that has inspired the most advanced, most reliable muzzeloader in the world to date.  With over 20 years of expertise in engineering, mechanical design & CNC machining, Woodman Arms has elevated the muzzleloader.

Know Your Patriot

Outstanding performance maintained with ease.  Learn about your Patriot™ Muzzleloader.

Our Workshop

Where innovation exceeds expectation with the finest muzzleloader on the market today.

Fremont, New Hampshire U.S.A. |  Birthplace of Woodman Arms Innovative Gunmaking.

Patriot Distributors

The Patriot™ Muzzleloader is Exclusively Available from Big Woods Bucks™  Authorized Retailers.

Happy Hunters

You will love the light weight and the handling of this rifle. If you stalk game or do much hiking, the low weight and slim line of the Patriot™ is going to bring a smile to your lips with every step you take.
-Randy Wakeman

Randy Wakeman Outdoors

Hunter Hank Garvey

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