We highly recommend Blackhorn 209 powder and Remington STS 209 primers in our Patriot rifles. A good starting point is typically 100 grains by volume. We offer several bullets that offer excellent performance on game as well as more accuracy. The best all around choice is the 225 grain star tip.

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Your desire for an accurate shot matched with your passion for outdoor sport is our driving force. At Woodman Arms, we’re here to help bring your rifle game to the next level with our Patriot™ Muzzleloader. Whether you are located in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Tennessee, North Carolina or beyond - we ship nationally! Whether you’re looking for your next Muzzleloader or Muzzleloader ammo, we have just what you’re looking for. Browse our inventory of Muzzleloader bullets, Harvester sabots, and Grain Muzzleloader Bullets to find what is right for you! If you need assistance, please visit our contact us page to fill out our form or give us a call today!
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*Our Patriot™ muzzleloaders are designed for a maximum charge of 150 grains, by volume, of black powder or black powder substitutes. When using Blackhorn 209 powder, you must NOT exceed the manufacturer's maximum charge of 120 grains by volume.
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